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Finer particle size fulfills higher requirement, Kangqiao’s pyrazol quality continues to improve towards perfection

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At a brand image release ceremony held at the beginning of 2018, Chinese agrochemical company Shandong Kangqiao Bio-technology Ltd announced cooperation with agricultural spraying drone manufacturers, including Hanhe and DJI, to promote research in aerial pesticide application technologies, which will facilitate China’s development of agricultural mechanization and precision agriculture. 

As an emerging new star in the agrochemical sector, famous in both the Chinese and international markets for its pyraclostrobin products, what enables Kangqiao to move into the aerial crop protection industry? What actions have been taken by Kangqiao after its announcement of entering the aerial crop protection business?

Higher standard to meet the requirement of aerial pesticide application

There is a great demand for pesticide  formulations for aerial application, as compared to normal pesticide formulations. Normal pesticide formulations are usually diluted 200-fold, while aerial-use pesticide formulations are diluted two-fold and five-fold. Normal-use pesticide formulations see much water added and a blending device affixed, so the suspensibility needs to reach 80% only. But for aerial-use pesticides, suspensibility has to reach 95%. Furthermore, while ground-use formulations require pesticide particle size to be less than five microns, aerial-use formulations require particle size to be two microns to avoid blockage of the spray head.

Left: pesticide particle size more than five microns;                 Right: pesticide particle size less than two microns


Therefore, the focus of research is on nano-particle products for aerial pesticide application. For, if nano-particles are sprayed, no crystal aggregate will be formed due to evaporation of water in the  droplets. Instead, the pesticide will be dispersed evenly as nano particles. Additionally, an adhesive is added to check drifting during spraying.

To better meet the requirements of aerial pesticide application, Kangqiao has strengthened research and development of both upstream and downstream pyraclostrobin products. Its technical material purity continues to rise and has reached more than 98%. Based on the superiority of technical material, its pyrazol products – Yingcai (pyraclostrobin 25% SC) and Xiduojin (pyraclostrobin. epoxiconazole 38% SC) – have an average particle size of below one micron, while suspensibility reaches as high as 99%. The finer particle size and higher suspensibility enable better aerial pesticide application.

Further, the establishment of the Kangqiao Biological Research Center is expected to provide a strong backup for assessment of field efficacy of the products Yingcai and Xiduojin.

Cross-regional product customization to support aerial pesticide application 

An aerial crop protection project has been implemented in northeast China in cooperation with Chinese aerial application specialist companies. Northeast China is known for flatlands  available for plantation, and suitable for aerial pesticide application. According to Zhang Taihong, Kangqiao’s marketing manager, Kangqiao has reached an agreement with customers in northeast China to provide customized solutions for large-field aerial pesticide applications. Kangqiao is prepared to strengthen cooperation with research institutions and agricultural spraying drone manufacturers to produce pesticides with improved suspensibility rate and particle size, which will optimize the effect of aerial application.

Customized solutions for large-field aerial pesticide applications

Development of innovative pesticide formulations is expected to boom, driven by nano technology. The development trend of aerial pesticide application will move towards nano-crystallization, water coating, slow or controlled release and customization. An easy “lazy mode application” will be the mode of application desired by users in the future.

Kangqiao firmly bears in mind its business mission: to provide innovative crop health solutions and improve living quality of human life. Hence, Kangqiao Bio-technology is determined to continue its innovations in crop protection technology, perfect its pyraclostrobin product quality and improve the effect of aerial pesticide application to contribute to the crop protection industry.

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